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Bradley Lodge

Established 1963

Main meeting dates:- 

Thurs 15th September 2022
and then,
3rd Saturdays in:-
September (Installation)


Bradley is the youngest of the three Lodges that meet at Paddock Wood, having been consecrated in 1964.  The Lodge meets on the third Saturdays of February, April, June, September(Installation) and November.


Over the last couple of years, some of our senior Past Masters have retired due to age, which has given more opportunities for younger members to take their places.  Applicants to join the Lodge would be encouraged to become active, with a view to reaching the Master’s chair in about six or seven years.


The Lodge has an outstanding history of supporting local and national charities, a policy which was established by the Founders of the Lodge.

In this box place about 100-110 words describing your lodge in  the way that you want, possibly with the hope of enticing new membership.  This number of words is considered to a readable amount before the person gets bored and wants to move on, or away from the website.

Stanley Wykeham have their own, commercially built website, so 100 words it is probably appropriate;  using their website link, or any social media accounts that are being run to provide further, continuingly updated information.

Paddock Wood have a website that needs revamping, and that process is underway, but it does have active social media accounts that can be referred to.

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