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Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions may be found here Hire conditions schedule

In summary however, we point out the following major conditions:-

- Hirer may not use kitchen area ... food must be provided by franchised caterer

- No alchocol except where purchased from Hall bar. (Corkage will otherwise be charged)

- Maximum 80 persons sit down dining (comfortably).... 125 buffet

- Hirer is responsible for all damage to building or contents caused by users, and a £250 deposit will be required, refundable in cases of no damage being caused

- Hirer will ensure that local residents are not unduly disturbed by late night revellers

- Rates are for each hour (or part hour) that the Hall is opened for hirer's use

- Hirer's own electrical equipment may only be used if shown to be properly PAT tested

- Hirer must read, agree and comply with the conditions.

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